Washington Post finally recognizes that Portland has a violence problem

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Washington Post finally recognizes that Portland has a violence problem

Some in the establishment media are finally coming to the realization that Portland has a problem with homicides, riots, and vandalism. While this may be news to them, it isn’t for anyone who recognized this as it was happening last year.

A report by Scott Wilson in the Washington Post details just how bad the situation in Portland has become. According to Wilson, the city is experiencing “a kind of generational hopelessness … and a return to an old-school style of gun violence reminiscent of a tit-for-tat cycle of deadly reprisals.” Homicides are up, the police department is facing a shortage of officers, and “mostly white middle-class students” are vandalizing churches and black-owned businesses.

It’s a good report. So good, in fact, that Wilson should forward it along to his colleagues. After all, it was Washington Post reporter Katie Shepherd who last July decried that the city had become a “right-wing boogeyman” and that the protests had been “mostly peaceful.” According to Shepherd, this was simply an issue of “right-wing agitators” making the “counterdemonstrators” look bad.

Wilson’s piece should also be sent along to New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristoff, who in July asked readers to “help me find Trump’s ‘anarchists’ in Portland.” CNN sent a “reporter,” Josh Campbell, to the city in August, where he reported on breakfast burritos and the view from his hotel. Apparently, violence was nowhere to be seen until just now.

Wilson’s report is great, but it’s not brand new knowledge: We knew all of these things already. We knew that Portland, caught up in the hysteria of the “defund the police” movement, dissolved a police unit specifically focused on gun violence. We knew the city had experienced an absurd hike in homicides: The city saw a 60% rise in homicides from 2019 to 2020, and through May, the city is on pace for a 51% increase from its 2020 numbers.

We knew at the beginning of last July that businesses had seen $4.8 million in damages due to riots and vandalism during the same conflagrations at a federal courthouse that Kristoff and Shepherd were dismissing. We knew businesses were fleeing after last year’s riots, and we know that riots have continued into 2021, with business owners describing their losses. Portland saw over 100 consecutive days of riots and protests. These issues were clear to anyone who wanted to look.

Just as federal officers were “storm troopers” under President Donald Trump but were no longer a threat to democracy when Joe Biden became president, partisans can finally acknowledge that the violence that wracked Portland was actually real all along, after their election-year game of pretend. The destruction of livelihoods and the taking of lives didn’t matter until “their guy” took the White House, and they should be reminded of it.

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