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Oregon Small Business Association

Having achieved the American dream as a small business owner, TJ Reilly is today the President of the Oregon Small Business Association.

In 1976 TJ was pumping gas and flipping hamburgers for $2.50 an hour. Not content to make minimum wage, he began taking car repair classes. Within a few years he made a good living wage working as a technician for a new car dealership. Desiring to do better still, he started taking business management classes and eventually earned his AAM degree in Automotive Management. In 1986 he opened his own repair shop and now employs 10 people.

TJ Reilly is the current president of the Oregon Small Business Association.   For the past 20 years OSBA has been supporting and communicating with over 8,000 small businesses in Oregon.  TJ owns a small auto repair shop in Clackamas that he started over 30 years ago called Same Day Auto Service.  His business has a 4.7 Google rating, the highest in his area.  In 2006 TJ ran unsuccessfully for the Oregon State Senate.  TJ is also the president of the Mt Hood Snowmobile club and Vice President of the Oregon State Snowmobile Association.  In addition to snowmobiling. TJ enjoys riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle and flying his Piper Comanche airplane.  TJ is married to his wife of 42 years and has 2 daughters and 6 grandkids.


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