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March 10, 2020

Rajeev Gupta was born in Mountain View, CA, on February 19, 1971, raised in Saratoga, CA and married to his spouse of 25 years, Sushma, with whom he has 3 adult children (Shazia, 21, University of Texas at Austin “Longhorn”, Maya, 19, Syracuse “Orangeman”, Shiv, 17, Saratoga High School.

Rajeev’s formative years were shaped by a classic immigrant work ethos that not only propelled his father Paul Gupta to some of the highest ranks during the inception of the transistor-to-silicon wafer-to-semiconductor chip industry, but rubbed off on him as well.

Well-traveled, loves great company with which a glass of just about anything becomes great, loves golf, sports and current affairs, Rajeev is currently starring (and enjoying) what Gustav Freytag in Die Technik des Dramas analyzed hundreds of years ago: his five act play, while each playing a specific and integral function in his overall development and character, in performance there is not necessarily any clear separation between them.

Act I: “Eager beaver” – Paperboy. Busboy. Saratoga High School. Beta Theta Pi. UC Riverside, BS Business Administration, 1992. No commercial internet yet.

Act II: “If you go for the king, you best not miss” – (I did). Founder, Blackship Computer Systems; drove it to $10m in 1995 and then to $0 in 1996 when the X86 architecture spawned a mail-order PC craze. Sucks to lose; grateful to have learned valuable life lessons early. Not to mention a startup in California can’t compete with a startup in South Dakota with gravel parking lots, corrugated steel walls and that’s subsidized by the state to employ Native Americans. Various senior management, global roles in IT organizations of chip manufacturers. Verified I had the gumption and passion to manage people of all types. (LSI Logic – ASIC, Altera – FPGA). Blackberry the pinnacle of mobility.

Act III: “Chips are great. Systems are like blondes. More fun.” – left core IT and chips behind to develop markets and channels in which to sell venerated network security (Fortinet), infrastructure (Juniper Networks) and software defined networking systems (Big Switch Networks) on which they are based. Fully put into play a personality and charisma for monetary gain. Saw more of the world. Gave indelible presentations, endured characterbuilding experiences, such as thinking cutting oneself would yield more tangible results than selling solutions into the glacial pace that typifies global telecommunications cores. Spent my 30’s and entered my 40’s.

Act IV: “Would you like that in a combo?” – the food hospitality sector, as an established, regional multi-unit Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) franchisee of a national brand across the 3 Western-most states. He would love to buy you a scrumptious selection from the varied Jack in the Box menu, or glass of wine at Howell’s on Chestnut St in San Francisco, where he is a part owner. Doesn’t matter what you sell – newspapers, computers, chips, networks, hamburgers or tacos: the basics of supply, demand, market, customers, brand, service, satisfaction – all seamlessly overlay.

Act V: “What Dreams May Come” – just like the movie, he can only imagine with full creativity; regardless, it will include having fun, as he continues to weave his blessed tapestry of life. Convenient it will usher in my 50’s. Rajeev maintains primary, suburban residence in Saratoga, CA with a secondary, urban one in the Pearl District of downtown Portland, OR. Mentoring and philanthropy include Executive Councils for the University of Washington (2019 keynote commencement graduation speaker, Tacoma campus) and Pacific University; Chair, MSS USA, a 5013c K-12 school now with over 1,200 students; Charter Member of TIE, the world’s largest entrepreneurial-focused organization, and advising The Beer Café (India’s largest alco-bev pub chain).


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