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During over forty years of living, working and investing in Asia, Pete Nickerson has been both a first-hand observer and active participant in the emergence of Asia as an economic powerhouse.   He has founded and developed trading, investing and manufacturing businesses in Hong Kong, China, Vietnam and India that today generate over $1billion of revenue and directly employ over 140,000 people.  Predominately light manufacturing, the scope of these industries also encompasses retail, property development, fast-moving consumer goods distribution, transportation, and warehousing in the above-listed countries.  Leveraging his experience and active involvement in Asia, he co-founded Chinus Asset Management, a firm managing funds invested in the emerging markets of Asia.

Pete sits on several public and private corporate boards, as well as several not-for-profit boards.  

A fluent Mandarin speaker, he and his family have lived in Taiwan, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Singapore.   They currently reside in the Pacific Northwest.

April 12th at 7:00 am.


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