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August 10 2021, 7AM

Jason Williams is a native Oregonian born in Portland 1969.  He is currently living in Beaverton.



Jason founded the Taxpayer Association of Oregon in 1999 with Don McIntire and serves as its Executive Director.

— The Taxpayer Association has stopped nearly two billion dollars in new taxes at the ballot box.

— Jason was co-chief petitioner of Referendum Measure 30 which stopped a billion dollar tax increase on income, business and seniors in 2003.

— The Taxpayer Association is dedicated to building a more efficient, cost-effective government in Oregon and for lower taxes and limited government.  It achieves these goals through lobbying, grassroots activism, ballot measures and education.

— Williams also founded the Taxpayer Foundation of Oregon.

— #1 in candidate endorsements: Taxpayer Association PAC endorsed more candidates in more races (Mayor, city council, senators, judges) than any other organization

— #1 in ballot measure statements: Taxpayer Association issued more Voter Pamphlet Statements on More ballot measures than any other organization.


Internet pioneer:

– Williams created the website  OregonWatchdog.com  which has been a daily political news ticker for 20 years.

– Williams created the political blog OregonCatalyst.com which has drawn over 25,000 monthly unique readers.




Alumni of Benson High.  Jason Graduated from Willamette University with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and received a Masters of Business Administration degree from Marylhurst University.


Past political activities:

He has served in six Oregon legislative sessions in various capacities as legislative assistant, Senate staff and lobbyist. Spent five years working for Oregonians In Action, a non-profit property rights organization.  He has been a researcher for Oregon Tax Research for many years.


Charity work:

Jason has done short term charity work in Kurdistan–Iraq (helping refugees), India (helping girls school), Nepal (helping earthquake victims), Haiti (earthquake relief), Nicaragua (helping poor), Cuba (educational) , Vietnam (educational), Zambia (educational), Serbia (serving refugees), Ukraine (helping border war displaced people), Guatemala (educational regarding post-volcano eruption disaster), Puerto Rico (post- Hurricane Maria relief), Egypt (help Sudan refugees in Cairo), Lebanon (helping Syrian refugees), Mexico (built home in Juarez), Philippines (post-typhoon relief) and Grenada (built nation’s first ever large children’s playground) Crow Nation reservation and Navajo reservation .


Authored reports:

– 175 Ways to balance the budget without new taxes.

– What Teachers think and why they leave Oregon schools.

– 2014, 2018 Post-election report

– The 1999 and 2000 Oregon Political Index.


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