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Dr. Paul Thomas

Founder & Host of With The Wind: Science Revealed | 01/09/2024

Paul Thomas, MD

Dr. Paul (as he likes to be called) graduated with his MD from Dartmouth Medical School and
completed his residency in Pediatrics at the University of California.

Dr. Thomas (now retired) practiced for 40 years and opened his own practice Integrative
Pediatrics in 2008, where he served over 100,000 patients in the Portland, Oregon metro area
with a focus on INFORMED CONSENT.

Dr. Thomas speaks at health freedom events and has written two books: “The Vaccine-
Friendly Plan” and “The Addiction Spectrum.” His publications include:
1. “Acute exposure and chronic retention of aluminum in three vaccine schedules and
effects of genetic and environmental variation,” and
2. “Relative Incidence of Office Visits and Cumulative Rates of Billed Diagnoses Along the
Axis of Vaccination.” And
3. Vaccine Practice Payment Schedules Create Perverse Incentives for Unnecessary
Medical Procedures – at What Cost to Patients?
In 2021 – with time created by the Oregon Medical Board (OMB) suspension of his license –
he started a new show, sharing the science on COVID-19 and covering health & wellness
called “With the Wind: Science Revealed” which is found at www.doctorsandscience.com.
In December 2022 Dr. Paul and DeeDee Hoover launched their new program
www.KidsFirst4Ever.com. We educate and offer summits and individual coaching.


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