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February 11th, 2020

Our speaker for Tuesday, February 11th, 2020.

David Resk, the Founder and President of @Large, Inc. has been a successful Advertising Consultant for small businesses in the Portland Metro Area for over 25 years. David was born and raised in Chicago and after graduation from Loyola University he headed West to start a family and a career. He began his career in print advertising with Directories for GTE and US West. David was a consistent President’s Club winner and by the end of his publishing career had established himself as a leader within the sales organization by creating and maintaining the largest client base by account number and advertising revenue in the state or Oregon.

As the landscape for small business advertising shifted from print to digital media David decided to leave publishing and join the emerging industry of online advertising by creating a digital marketing agency. In 2009 @Large, Inc. was created. Initially starting off as a 3rd party Google Ads consultant he quickly created a client base of over 200 accounts within the first year. Over time the demands from the client base required @Large, Inc. to pivot into addition verticals including Web Site Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Networking, Copywriting, Video Development, Reputation Management, Media Negotiations and Business Consulting. As those departments developed the most critical component for successful growth was capturing the right talent for each discipline.

Through trial and error the company is now fully staffed with dedicated subject matter experts for each digital category. Over the last decade @Large, Inc. has grown consistently with revenues but more importantly with our Digital Marketing IQ. As a team we are consistently learning improvements towards best in industry standards. Digital Marketing is a dynamic industry which is constantly changing. Small Business Owners are unsure of what to purchase or whom to buy from for their marketing needs. Small Business Owners are at a distinct disadvantage without a proper Digital Marketing Advocate. To help alleviate the confusion our business model is based upon client relations and brainstorming with clients monthly for all their marketing needs. In 2019 @At Large, Inc. won The Best of the Mid Valley by the Statesman Journal and was ranked 6th Overall for Portland SEO Agencies by Expertise.com

David Resk – “Becoming an entrepreneur and starting my own business was the best professional decision of my life.”


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