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Dean of the College of Science for Kings Way School

Dave White received a BS in Chemical Engineering from Oregon State University and completed most of a masters in statistics.  He then worked in Semiconductor Lithography for 25 years before retiring to be a semiconductor lithography consultant.

In 2016 he started Climate Change Truth Research Inc. because he saw that new climate change policies have had no effect on atmospheric carbon dioxide.  He’s since published scientific papers on climate CO2 and presented at numerous climate conferences.

In 2019 the head of the Global Change Group of the National Academy of Science asked Dave to get a team together to review the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports. The team now has thirty PhDs. They have concluded the IPCC reports are deliberate science fiction. This prompted Dave to spend 3 years writing a new college textbook to be released worldwide next month titled “Climate Crisis Changed:  The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports are deliberate science fiction”.

In his spare time Dave is Dean of the College of Science for Kings Way School which innovatively offers on-line grade 7 through 12 education concurrently with a BS or BA college degree, saving students 4 years and $100,000.

Dave’s presentation to WCBC will be a summary of his recently published 2022 article in the Journal of Earth Science & Climate Change titled:  The Essential Role of Photosynthesis in Defining Net Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions for Equilibrium Calculations.


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